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Your questions answered

  • I am very nervous and have never driven a car before?

    Learning with Licensed2drive Perth is made fun by our quality instructors and will start off with you learning in a quiet area until you are ready, comfortable and confident with your ability to be progressing to that stage of your learning, you would not be taken onto main roads until you are definitely ready, we teach at your pace, if that means 2 lessons or 10 that is what it will be.

  • What if I don't like my instructor?

    Sometimes people clash, At Licensed2drive Perth if you have any doubts about your instructors compatibility with you we will select another instructor who is suitable for your needs. This is important to ensure you learn and enjoy your teaching experience.


  • Can you book my driving test?

    Yes, we can book your test for you, in fact we would we like to do this so that you (the student) gets the correct test date for your ability.

  • Do your instructors know the test routes?

    Yes at Licensed2drive Perth our instructors take many student on them but every assessment taken is in the area of the choice of the assessor and could be different to those shown (No driving school or instructor can guarantee these don't believe them when they say they can)

  • Will they test me on parallel parking?

    Oh yes the dreaded parallel park! it is possible to have to carry out this park so your Licensed2drive Perth instructor will teach you the easiest way that you understand to do this simple but tricky manouver.

  • Can my parents or supervisor sit in on a lesson?

    Yes they can infect we insist that they sit in as many times as possible so that they know at what stage the student is at in their training .

  • Are your instructors Government Accredited?

    Yes, all the instructors at Licensed2drive Perth are Government accredited (most are Keys2drive accredited as well!) and they also have working with children clearance.

  • Do your cars have dual control?

    Yes, all the cars here at Licensed2drive Perth have dual controls for your safety and the ability to demonstrate pedal control.

  • Are the cars insured?

    Yes, all our cars are covered by full liability insurance obtained through The Australian Driver Training Association. (ADTA) 

  • I have had instructors that are not clearly spoken and can not understand them , do yours give clear instructions in English?

    All our instructors speak English and are of British origin so there not any problems for the student to understand, Instruction's will be given in the simplest possible way for the student to understand and our patient-skilled instructor's will elaborate on them if the need is so.

  • Can I have lessons in my car?

    Yes, once your instructor has assessed your driving ability and considers you skilled enough to drive in cars without dual controls.

    Insurance(and road worthyness) on the vehicle being used will be your responsibility and no liability will be accepted in the event of any injuries or accidents whilst taking the lesson in your car)

  • Will another learner sit in on my lesson?

    No we at Licensed2drive prefer not to as this is a distraction to the student, we want you to feel comfortable in your learning environment .

  • How long are the lessons?

    Here at Licensed2drive Perth our lesson times are 50 minutes (most students attention span is 45 minutes any more is usually point less) but can be varied to suit students.

  • What if I fail my test?

    At Licensed2drive after your test your instructor will liaise with the assessor and go over the PDA check sheet to help in rectifying the problems so that you pass next time(no driving school can guarantee passing first time don’t let them fool you).

  • Manual or auto?

    The choice is yours , manual will let you drive both Auto and manual cars, but some people can not grasp the method of driving a manual car and learning the road rules at the same time so sometimes it is better to start off Auto then convert to manual,we will accommodate what you wish to do.

  • Can I be picked up from home?

    Licensed2drive driving instructors can pick you up from school,work place or any agreed location. (Please remember if there is a great distance between pick up and home or work it doesn’t leave much time for a lesson)

  • How many lessons will i need?

    Licensed2drive Perth has come to the conclusion that most students take between 8 to 12 lessons for Auto and 12 to 16 for Manual, a lot depends on the quality of practice with your supervisor or parents between lessons.

  • What if I buy a package and don't wish to continue?

    A refund can be made if you need to cease lessons but the lessons that have been taken will charged at the full lesson cost ($60 per lesson taken) and the remainder of the package payment will be refunded.

  • What is the best way to find a good driving school?

    Please feel free to come with the student on there first lesson (with permission from the student learning) and judge for yourself, we want you the customer to come first at all times. 

  • Is practice really necessary between lessons?

    Yes Licensed2drive Perth most definitely recommend to do as much different driving in different situations as you can and practice all the exercises in the Department of transport book called how to pass your driving assessment.
    Please ensure that all supervisors hold the class of licence you are learning to drive(C class for manual and CA for automatic).

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at Licensed2drive Perth on 08 6465 8833 or drop us an email at if you need any further information.



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"Thank you for the lessons and helping me pass my test. All my friends will drive with you"

Lani Westcot

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"Thanks for everything and for putting up with me hesitating & being so indecisive. Thank you!...Passed."

Brooke Squires

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"Thanks for the great lessons, really appreciate the detailed explanations and patience."

Emily MacDonald

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"Thank you for the lessons and helping me pass my test. All my friends will drive with you"

Lani Westcot